Rescue-Survey Machine 3 Bird Jet-Ex

I had a lot of fun making this one, and really had to try a lot of alternate variations before I came up with the recipie I liked most. And I still had the parts I needed left over to make the next one, too! Toys used: Rescue Machine 3 Bird Jet (from the 3-4-5 set), the Kronoform "Invaceptron" (Armored Machine Cosmo Fighter), Surveyor 1, Command Car Tyrell Machine, Micronauts Battle Cruiser, and the 1999 Micorman Spy Heli and of course Robotman Cross. I really like it as it is a fusion of most of the various generations of Microman into one toy.

Rescue-Command Machine 4 "Ty-railer"

Again, this 16-wheeler was fun to make, too. The trickiest part was to find a good way to connect the "cab" to the "trailer" to get the retro version of "Micro Trailer" look I was aiming for. Most of it is just Tryell Machine and rescue Machine 4 Bird Base (from the 3-4-5 again). The only added part needed was from a Micronauts Alphatron (swiped in turn by Mego from the RoadStation Base). I also thought the Titan Blue DoberMachine would like to ride in the back, since he fits inside so well. Good dog!

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