Starriors Trashors

Junior Rescue Servos

Here is Rescue Servo Data with the honorary "Junior" Rescue Servos, Tinker and Nipper. Tinker and Nipper are Starriors Trashors made by Tomy in the late mid-80's. Like Microman 99/2000, Starriors toys use 2.5mm and 5mm connectors, though usually in the opposite fashion from Microman toys (in otherwords, pegs on the bodies and sockets on accessories, the reverse of Micro toys).

Starrior Skates!

"Whee!". Well, What do you know, Shining Tector Walt looks like he's having fun here! His 2.5mm sockets match the pegs on the backs of these Starriors, and also work with Zoids as well.

Walt with Trashors as weapons

Here we can see those same pegs and sockets put to good use! Much like the Zenmains being used by a Robotman figure as a weapon, Walt can do the same with these little fellows. But they don't look particularly happy about it, do they?

Yamero, baka!

Oops, told you so! Walt, serves you right for picking on the poor little guys!

Tinker dashwing-enabled

Now will you look at that, Tinker learned to fly! I bet you're wondering how the heck did I attack a 5mm peg on the dashwing pack to a 2.5mm peg on a Trashor, now...

Ramagon adapter

The answer is: Ramagons! Yes, the Ramagon construction sets (I'll have to feature mine here later). These contain little transparent parts like the one here on the the dashwing's peg, which have a 5mm port on one side, and a 5mm peg on the other, with a 2.5mm port in the center of the peg. These things can be used as perfect interfaces for connecting 2.5mm pegs on zoids and the newer Microman toys to 5mm ports and pegs!

Ramagon adapter

While not particularly practical in this case, Walt demonstrates how you could attach a 5mm pegged part to his backpack using the same part attached to the dashwing. With two adapters, you could mount a pair of wings or weapons on the pack instead, for example.

Izam with Arden Purple's equipment

As an unrelated extra, here's Izam equipped with Arden Purple's sword and wingpack, which match his colors quite well. Just better make sure she doesn't find out about this, Izam-kun!

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