The Transformers/Microman Connection:Microman Secret File

Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 7,8

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MC-18: MagneMan
MC-17: DialMan

These robots transform into keys--uh, no, I mean...locks. Whatever. I think locking them also locks their transformation, but I could be wrong. MangneMan's transformation looks like the same general "box-shape" configuration used on the cassette radios and the microcassette.

On the right begins Microman Secret File (SF) Plaza, the black-and white mid-section of the catalog. It's in three sections: Microman Encyclopedia, Microman Fan Bulletin, and a manga by the artist of the ORIGINAL 1976 Microman manga (!!!), The Plot of Dr. Hydra! The manga artist, Yoshihiro Moritou, also did the illustration on this page. Kakko ii deshou, ne? ^_^

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