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Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 5,6

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Part 1: Latest MicroChange Series

MC-21: RadiCasse Robo--Okay, Transformer fans--see anything different about the toy "Blaster" was based on? No, I'm not talking about the blue color variation--which looks a helluva lot better than that dippy red and yellow, granted. No, look closely...yes, your eyes do not decieve you, this one was a REAL WORKING RADIO! Why did Hasbro flake out on this? Don't ask me. But I once owned one of these puppies, and let me tell you, this is a collector's item worth every yen!

Actually the radio is in the tiny fake microcassette pictured with it. It's powered by a watch battery and is an AM radio with a tiny pair of dials on its side (volume and frequency), and you can plug the earplug it comes with into it to turn on the power (the ear plug speaker doesn't drain the battery too hard). The robot itself is really just two powered amplifiers supplemented by a few AA batteries. Put the cassette in, and pressing the play button plugs the amplifiers in. The small black dial on the left of the cassette chamber acts as a gear to adjust frequency, and the dial seen on the right side of the radio controls the amplified speakers in the legs' volume. An ingenious creation that is the largest of the MicroChange robots, that just was NOT done any justice at all by its Transformers alter ego. ^_^ Ironically, it was also the last Microman toy produced by Takara until 15 years later.
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