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Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 1,2

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These two and the following two pages detail the New Microman MicroChange story, which is a somewhat simplified, revisionist version of the original Microman Story. The story is some what similar to Superman's origin story, the Microman fugitives of a destroyed "MicroEarth". The Microman race has the power to shrink things and return them to normal size. Their enemies, the ruthless Acroyears, have the exact opposite power, able to turn themselves gargantuan and return to their original dimunitive size. Both races are only about 3 inches high (10 cm) normally!

The bottom left picture is captioned: "Microman Experts (who) Protect Earth"

Top right: The nefarious leader of the Acroyears, the AcroDevil.

Bottom right: Cassette Machines fight the DeathSatan! This is a rather fearsome looking Acroyear robot that would be a neat toy if it existed. This can be seen in more detail on the Rescue Base Seattle MicroAnime Page.
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