The Transformers/Microman Connection:Microman Secret File

Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 29,30

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Almost ANY old series Transformer fan will immediately recognize the MC-13 Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E. Set as what would later become known as "Megatron", the lead antagonist of the original Transformers series, leader of the "Decepticons". What they may not be aware of is that the ORIGINAL Microman version could fire small plastic bullet-shaped projectiles. They also may have noticed the presence of two tiny fold-out pegs on the scope and some other unexplained anomalies on the attachments: these were for a configuration of the attachments that made a cannon that could seat a Microman action figure (see below). It also came with a set of Acroyear cardboard targets to fire at. Interestingly, the catalog that comes with it shows a prototype of the toy that has a transformation nearly identical to the character design of Megatron in the animated series of Transformers (but predating it by 2 years...).

UNCLE attachments as a Microman cannon

The top left caption reads: "MicroChange Series Line-up"
The left page is labeled "GunRobo--Realistic guns that change into robots"

MC-07: Browning M1910 is the first and smallest of the toy guns. It has large bullets it can fire, or when a robot it can launch its right fist. It was released as a Transformer only in Japan under the name "Browning" and reportedly had 3 or so color variations.

MC-11: '44 Magnum is the BIGGEST of the toy guns, and most well-built. It has a revolving chamber that can hold 6 small plastic projectiles (the same as MC-12 and 13's) that can be fired. It also has a launching left fist.

MC-12: Walther P-38 is black and has no attachments but is otherwise identical to MC-13.

MC-13: Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E. Set --see above commentary.
The right page is labeled "MeteorRobo" and contains some of the most beautiful of the MicroChange series unreleased outside Japan, a similar set to the microcassettes, but they change into mettalic balls. I always thought we'd see these released as "Cybertron" versions of the Transformer microcassettes. They were released in 1998 as paart of the Japanese Beast Wars toyline under the name "Egg Beasts", and were attached to key chains, Tamagotchi style.

MC-14: MetalHawk (don't tell me this doesn't resemble the MC-03 Condor!)
MC-15: MetalMan (no relation to the Zee toys!)
MC-16: MetalLeo (an Osamu Tezuka tribute perhaps?)

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