The Transformers/Microman Connection:Microman Secret File

Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 25,26

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MC-20: MicroScope--The Autobot "Perceptor" in Transformers, but the original is the normal colors of a microscope, made of better quality plastic and die-cast metal, rather than the cheap garish look of the Hasbro release. Not only does it look cooler, and have firing missiles (like most of the Microman originals, the weapons fire and are not "peace bonded" like the US ones which had their launch springs removed), but it has a third transformation that makes it into a sleek tank that seats Microman figure (a PERFECT match for the silver Command 2/Pharoid figure, in fact ^_^). It can magnify up to a whopping 15 times (not very much at all). This very catalog came with one of these toys.

microscope tank

MicroScope in Tank Form

MC-19: ScopeMan--I thought this was available as a mail-order Transformer for some special limited time marketing ploy. If so, I do not know its Hasbro name, and no Transformer fan I've talked to is aware of such a toy I do believe it was released as a Transformer in Japan, though. It comes with a neck-strap that can be attached, and the weapon it holds has a faceted lens that acts somewhat kaleidoscope-like, supposedly to see Acroyears in hiding. They are functioning binoculars, but not not of any good quality. I think Takara made a mistake trying to give the impression these toys could have any practical purpose other than as TOYS...

If you like the art of the Scopes kicking Acroyear butt here, check out the Microman Chocolate box art. The caption tells a little bit about their origin, which involved a trip by Takashi to Mt. Fuji interupted by the presence of Acroyear baddies, including one called an "Acrodevinore" (a future unreleased toy?). In the painting, in the far background (not clear here) is in fact an Acro-robot that was not made as a toy. The closer one is reconizable as one of the existing AcroSatan figures.
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