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Microman 1984 MicroChange Series pages 23,24

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The kids escape Dr. Hydra's mansion as it begins to erupt into flames. Dr Hydra is left to suffer the fate of his victims, turning into a tree (surely to burn in the fire) as he gasps, "I don't believe it...!" AcroDevil flees for now... The kids and the Microman heroes have won this battle, but who knows what dark sorcery lies in wait in the hands of the evil Acroyears! "Fight, Microman!"

Latest MicroChange Series Part 2

MC-22: BeamRobo was to be a working flashlight that can transform into a desklamp (sort of) and a robot. It was never actually produced, unfortunately, not even as a Transformer, surprisingly. Below it is a great shot of it wasting an Acroyear with its "LightBlaster".
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