Maximum Thrust, Minimum Kaleb

Drag Thruster

Drag Thruster

Here is the Transformer Beast Machines "Thrust" in Drag Thruster mode, ridden by Super Microman Kaleb M214.5...

Auto Thrust

...and in Auto Thrust...

Thrust Tripler

...Thrust Tripler...

Thrust Sniper

...and Thrust Sniper modes.

m214.5 Kaleb and Thrust Guard

The somewhat mighty Kaleb can be protected by the Thrust Guard shield, which is powerd by a mysterious amulet known as "Micr'osik".

Notes: Thrust can be modified into the above vehicles simply by removing its head. Kaleb was originally a gold Space Glider that lost most of its paint, had been dunked in silver paint by me when I was a kid, then lost most of the silver coat, then finally was repainted just recently more carefully in metallic purple. Amazingly, the joints and the shiny finish of the original figure has stayed intact. By coincidence I bought Thrust while in the middle of painting him, so the match of colors is pure luck. He needed a "K" name, being a M21x series, so I named him after fellow Microfan Kaleb Swenson. ^_^

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