A Spy Magician inspects his newly assembled Spyglyde unit. This unit is a recipie consisting of a Blockman core unit, wings from the Cosmic Attack Fighter, and guns off of a Transformers Decepticon Micromasters Shuttle.

Spyglyde close-up view

Spyglyde front view

Spyglyde with Blockman

Here you have a clear view of how the Blockman is being utilized. Being about the size of a dashwing pack and covered with 5mm ports and pegs, he makes an ideal back pack for a Microman to plug any sort of accessories into! I got the idea from a Blockman feature on Hoshimiru's Stargazer Base page.

Spyglyde in cruising mode

Here the Spyglyde is in cruising mode.

Spyglyde in attack mode

And here it is in attack configuration.

Blockman core unit.Blockman core unit

The Blockman series was a short-lived but exceedingly cool concept to come from Takara in 1984, cancelled shortly later to make way for Transformers. Blockman takes the interchangable concept of Microman and brings it to whole new levels of play value, as each robot is also a construction block, much like a lego, and they can be combined together in many different configurations to create larger robots, vehicles, and more, coming with a number of 5mm compatible accessories (Blockmen also have two 2.5 mm ports on them, too). They were packaged in sets of anywhere from less than ten to sets of 25, 50, or more. They were intended as being versatile companion toys to Microman and Diaclone and can be easily used with either series (cockpit modules are the perfect size for Diaclone figures, while the plethora of 5mm parts make them obviously handy in micro-recipies). The larger sets are particularly rare and hard to find complete now, unfortunately. A few smaller sets were marketed in the US by Revell as part of its Robotech line and are easier to find.

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