Lego "Torch" Throwbot ("Fire" Slizer in Japan) x2
Lego Technic set 8226 x1

BrySlizer Car
BrySlizer in car mode!

BrySlizer Gerwalk
BrySlizer in gerwalk mode!

BrySlizer Mecha
BrySlizer in mecha mode!

BrySlizer close up shot!

Micro-Cassette Condor: Top Secret Dashwing Configuration!

Command 1 and Condor
Comand 1 and Condor in their normal guise.

Command 1 Condor Dashwing!
Condor can also be used as a Dashwing pack!

Command 1 Condor Dashwing!
Rear view before aerial recon mission!

Extra pics!

Chrome Hyper Microman and Command 2
Custom chromed Hyper Microman and Command 2.

Skates and rotors!

Is Megatron an Acroyear also? He too has rotors and roller skates, like Arden Purple-chan here. He also has 5mm holes and is made by Takara. Something fishy is going on here...

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