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******Newest Updates******

November 2001 Special Feature: Rescue Base 2!

November, 2001: Acroyear Axe

November, 2001: Walroyear Queen

November, 2001: M101f

November, 2001: Spyglyde

November, 2001: Junior Rescue Servos

November, 2001: Data 2

November, 2001: Pre-Super Microman Trio

November, 2001: Robotman with Escargot Armament

Mecha Chocobo!?

******Prior Updates******

March 2001 Special Feature: Alien "Series 3!"


March 2001: Micro Panzer "Grey Wolf"

March 2001: Experimental Mecha "TyRobo"

March 2001: Marine Condor 2 and AcroCannon

March 2001: Micro Fashion Show!?

March 2001: Starriors Cobra Base

March 2001: ExoSquad Exo-Fighter and Walker

March 2001: Interchangables Cosmo-Man Research Lab

March 2001: Acroyear Attack! (Earthquake hits Rescue Base Seattle!)

January 2001: Rescue-Survey Machine 3 and Rescue Trailer

December 2000: M11ex Proton and others

December 2000: Robotman Green: Work in Progress

December 2000: Thrust and M214.5 Kaleb

December 2000: Ore-Neo (Pseudo Slizer?)

December 2000: Micro Trailer Cross Convoy and Bird Base

December 2000: Mini RadiCasseRobo

September 2000: Micro ClimbPanzer and Command Fighter FP-368

August 2000: Micro Strike Force, Mini Robotman, and RobotMachine Z

July 2000: Sayonara, Akira-kun

July 2000: Xyber 9 and War Planets vehicles

June 2000: Micro Retro Base and Others

December 1999: Unreleased Micronaut Alien Cobroid

November 1999: BrySlizer and Condor Dashwing

October 1999: Original RBS "Secret" Page

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