Massive Acroyear Attack Shakes Rescue Base Seattle!

(Seattle Earthquake Knocks Around Otaku's Microman Collection)

An Exo-Squad walker took a nosedive from the top left corner of my auxillary display shelves. Most of the Lady Command team fell off their Xyber 9 bikes and a Titan Command fell below but somehow left his arm behind...I was lucky my custom Robotman Green didn't fall down too!

On the next shelf down, Robotman Endeavor toppled over onto Robotman Dean. The Microman team manning the Starriors base were only rattled a little, but the falling Exo-Squad walker left behind a black Command 1 somehow on this shelf on its way to the floor.

(A close up of Endeavor and Dean...the Command 1 is in the left corner.)

The bottom shelf was really hit. Acrobotman and Giant Acroyear (99) both fell over, along with several figures and a green Biosuit.

Over here to the left, the Exo-Squad Walker hit the floor from above and knocked loose its missile launcher.

Over in the dining room (the shelves are in the computer room at the moment), the main display area was severely hit.

Behind it fell New Acroyear (red), a custom Angel Traveller from Jeffrey Gaier (I'm still looking for her owl familiar), an AcroSatan (wow, both of my New Microman Acroyears ducked out of sight, they must have been up to something when the Angel Traveller found them), and model kit of an Aerial Frame Aestivalis from Kido Senkan Nadesico, along with some parts of my Ramagon Spectral MX tower that had been on top of my Retro Base.

Over to the side, a Landspeeder took a dive into a bag of videos. A calico Time Traveller is flailing in the cockpit and Mini-RadiCasseRobo fell out into the lower parts of the bag.

The wreckage of the Ramagon Spectral MX tower is in a ruin behind the Landspeeder wreck.

While the RetroBase (Bob Adams' famous custom kit) itself took things pretty well and only a few figures toppled over, what is not seen here is the horror of the the plexiglass front of it fallen over and squishing flat several figures, and knocking my Arden figure and the Landspeeder to the floor below. By the time these pictures were taken, the panel had been moved to a safer location.

Here's where the real chaos began. On the top shelf, a number of vehicles rolled forward and tumbled down the next shel to the bottom of the display, taking more toys (if they hadn't already tumbled) with them. Particularly guilty were the AcroCannon and AcroJet from my Mego Giant Acroyear. They knocked off my MicroEscargot (99) and nearly toppled EarthJetter (99). Notice that Ikaroyear and (not really visble next to it) Queen Walroyear of MicroGeneration sit on the edge, luckily avoiding being dashed to pieces below. (phew!)

Here's a long shot of much of the real carnage at the bottom of the display. Notice how just about everything on wheels fell below, while the two treaded vehicles on the second shelf in this shot, Climbleader and Cosmic Attack Fighter (in tank mode) held their ground thanks to those rubber treads. The toys sitting on the box in the front of the display were somehow unaffected.

MicroRider, BeetRodder, and Hydra (BulkLifter) all crash down from the upper shelves.

Looks like Time Traveller Jeffrey lost his head (center of shot)! This space is mostly empty as I had taken out Surveyor 1 and Rescue Machine 3-4-5 to do some parts swapping experiments, hence the toys on the box in the earlier pic. ^_^;

GyroPanther (now relocated to Roadstation Base Palmdale), Marine Condor/Aquatron, and my custom ClimbPanzer all are downed by Soutou Acroyear, but they managed to cut him loose from his Acrocannon (far bottom right) before careening into Rescue Base and my custom chromed Galactic Defender, who somehow still has managed to avoid getting scratched somehow!

AcroJet and AcroCannon attack the MicroStation, but are fended off by MicroEscargot and only managed to knock off unpiloted Robotman's claw in the foray. AcroJet tried to kamikaze (sorry, bad taste!) into MicroStation, piloted by Acroyear Mad Blue, but in the end the only injured was Acroyear Mad Blue, who lost his head in the impact. Cleanup is now in progress and hopefully the Acroyears have learned their lesson for the moment.

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