M11ex Proton


This is Proton. He is a replica of the prototype M11x figure seen in the Romando Anniversary set's guide book (see here). The head is a prototype given to me by Reiji Matsumoto (no relation) before he made the replica of the prototype m12x head, chromed them and sold them under liscense of Takara. The body is a mixture of Takara's M112 Barnes remake and a Romando Spy Magician figure. I like that he is all white as it makes him look more like a real prototype casting. Also, after I put him together, I found out about the all-white m12x figure "Snow"...a very strange coincidence.

M131.5 Darwin

Spy Magician M131.5 Darwin

This is Spy-Magician M131.5 Darwin. He is a mix of parts from a M112 Barnes remake and a Romando M131 Dick. I like the retro look of the solid light blue, and think he might be an upgraded M122 Michael that became a Spy Magician...

M111.7 Bryan and Dash Missiler

M111.7 . M111.7


This is me, M111.7 Bryan, with my transforming Dash Missiler. Actually this is a M111 Bobson mixed with parts of M131 Dick and chest and wrist decals from M112 Barnes (to get the B and N decal for my name). The robot is actually a Diaclone Drill Dasher, but he is so Micro-sized looking and resembles the Rescue Servo robot Missiler, so I reappropriated him as a Microman robot. He also has 5mm ports on his hands, which is nice.

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