Transfer Fortress Replica!

Battle Cruiser repainted to original Japanese colors:


Notice how the connection interfaces are still white in contrast to the blue, and how all the "tires" and seats are black (including in the cockpits of the wingpods, but you might not be able to tell in these pics):

Which one looks better, the US one or the Japanese one? Notice that if you made the blue parts white, you get the prototype that appears in the Mego catalogs!

WWIII custom Force Commander Head:

Here's Force Commander before the trophy, with the Mego original head:

Now here he is with his new mask made by Willy Jones and Ward Schultz based on the Marvel Comic version!  So who's the "Geag" guy I hear about?

Before and after!  Who da man?!

Robotman A-Ex:


"Legendary Robotman Ace?" (Microman anime)


Potpourri Mecha

All right, what was Edison smoking?

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