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Site Pre-Update #001: 6-27-2001
Greetings and welcome to Generation M! We are not open yet (and this is not the actual site design), but hope to be ready to begin in Autumn of 2001. In the meantime, images will be posted here of both prior custom toys and kits and previews of what to expect when the site opens. Our first image in this combination retrospective/preview gallery is Michael Jaecks' trio of custom -made alien toys, made originally for Gordon Smuder's "Design your own aliens" contest a few years ago. Hopefully Gen-M's future kits and customs will live up to this kind of quality! Special thanks also to Minoru Sashida and the original MicroGeneration crew in Japan for both their kind permission in using the MicroGeneration name and the original inspiration for this project. May their fine work serve as a model for our own modest efforts!

Retrospective Gallery

Michael Jaecks' custom Makos, Hornetron, and Polaris
Makos, Hornetron, and Polaris are original custom-made figures by Michael Jaecks and are one-of-a-kind.
Photos courtesy of "AcroRay" Miller. Composited by "MicroBry" Wilkinson

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 Last updated June 2001

Generation M is a forum page for toy fans to exchange ideas for making original creations inspired by a variety of influences, and for mixing similar existing toylines for fun.

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