Rescue Base Seattle Annex: Series 3 Aliens!

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Predacon! (Antron?)

Front detail of the possibly the most Micronaut Alien-like of the three GI Joe Star Brigade Aliens.

The Magnepowers-like armguards are detailed with Egyptian-style heiroglyphics, making him clearly a fit enemy for Pharoid!

Each of the Star Brigade aliens comes with a large assortment of weaponry, as they are supposed to be renegade bounty hunters. They make good weapons for Micro figures, too!

Notice the resemblence to the back of Antron, not to mention the insectoid appendages on the lower pair of arms. Note his green dreadlocks, which to me looks for all the world like a Micronauts Aliens glow-in-the-dark brain!

Predacon's white space-suited lower half is of an entirely contrasting character to the rest of his figure, and looks quite Micro-like.

A side profile showing the hunched-over and elongated design of his torso and another look at the arm guards.

One last upper view to show the top details of his head and body.

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Lobotomaxx! (Repto?) Predacon! (Antron?) Carcass! (Membros?)