Rescue Base 2!

Rescue Base 2

What's this? A flying saucer? Or a new Rescue Base?

Rescue Base 2:  Mr. Grey

Ack! It IS a's Mr.Grey's! No wait, Mr. Grey would never have something this cool...let's check the windows...

Rescue Base 2: porthole view

Hey, it's Edison taking a nap! This has got to be a new base, then.

Rescue Base 2: porthole view

Ah, just what I thought! Let's check the other airlock then...

Rescue Base 2: Yokoso!

Hey, Barnes, can we come inside? "Sure, I'll let you through the lock before I go help Mr. Grey...He seems to be having trouble negotiating the other stairs..."

Rescue Base 2: Indoors

Whew, thanks Barnes! Watch that first step, it's kinda tricky... So here we are, inside Rescue Base 2. It's a lot roomier than the last one, isn't it. There's plenty of headroom in here and space to get around. There's even a table over there on the right. What else is in here?

Rescue Base 2: Bridge

Well that's clearly the bridge. Hey, Micro-Me! So this is where you're shacked up now...pretty spiffy, dude!

Rescue Base 2: Starboard

Hmm, already looked this way...looks like some sort of lab back there by the starboard airlock.

Rescue Base 2: Sleeping Quarters

Ah there's the sleeping quarters we saw from outside. That Edison sure snores as loud as a Hoodman! And Mr. Grey is still having trouble with those stairs...guess those legs on the powered suit are too short?

Rescue Base 2: blowing the lid

All right, let's blow the lid off of this joint....

Rescue Base 2: Playmobil Saucer Base

Actually this oversize Rescue Base is in reality an old Playmobil Saucer Base. It works beautifully with micros, though, as you can see. Thanks for visiting!

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