Rescue Base Seattle Annex: Marine Condor II and AcroCannon

Here is my customized Mego Marine Condor II (Aquatron), using replica decals from the original Marine Condor I picked up in Japan for Paul Lorphanpaibul. Riding it is Adam from the Data/Adam Rescue Servo set, outfitted with a pair of Command Two blades.

Close-up image of the Marine Condor II and decals. You can see how similar they are to the Mego ones, but with added details and text.

Here is my Mego AcroCannon piloted by Soutou (Kaiser) Acroyear, as it was designed to be used.

You can see in this pictures how the pegs on the cannon fit nicely into this Acroyear leader's claws, which is how it is supposed to fit. While this figure was patented in America, Mego never chose to sell it, unfortunately, which is a shame as it is a very sturdy figure despite that unlike most Acroyears its body is all plastic with no die-cast metal.

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