Rescue Base Seattle Annex: Series 3 Aliens!

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Lobotomaxx! (Repto?)

My personal favorite (and most alien, IMHO) of the three Micronaut-inspired GI Joe Aliens!

Note his four eyes (two on the neck!) and brain-mass on the top of his head!

Lobotomaxx is very well-endowed with (which has a third hand on it). No hentai anime jokes, please!

I really like the gold details and color scheme. These pics don't do justice to the actual color of the gold paint.

He can stand fully upright when not in his attack pose to show his extreme height.

Front torso detail. Unfortunately. he doesn't have a posable waist, unlike the other two aliens.

Details of the unique legs.

Lobotomaxx fully extended in his attack pose. Both his neck and tail are fully bendable.

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Lobotomaxx! (Repto?) Predacon! (Antron?) Carcass! (Membros?)