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Generation M

SBT Web (Japanese) hot site!

site added 4-24-00
Main URL: http://www.interq.or.jp/red/shouzi/index.htm
PoliceKeeper Jane The homepage of "B-Tol", the creator of the famous Akira-kun figure (of the main character from the Microman manga series) and of Micro Generation's PK Jane figure. Now he's started on even more original figure designs that look fabulous. Don't miss this one!

Sextant Entertainment Group (Micronauts animated series)

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.sextantentertainment.com

The official site of the new so-called "Micronauts" CG-animated cartoon series in production. Judging from the preview movie file they have there, they are loosely adapting the cartoon from Bill Mantlo's story and Michael Golden's character designs from the classic Marvel Comics series (yet neither Marvel, Golden, nor Mantlo appear to have been credited on the site so far), this new show uses some of the American comic book's general premises and loosely borrows its characters, but has no visible connection to either the Mego toyline or the original Japanese Microman series (other than sharing a few names and some extremely slight resemblences), and has given the whole thing a bad "Jonny Quest look-alike" makeover while kiddifying the rest. Expect there to be a good deal of confusion and disappointment among fans when (if) this long-rumored series comes out. Perhaps with luck somebody can import the Microman anime over here as competition.

Shon C. Bury's Page

Main URL: http://members.tripod.com/~shonbury/main.htm
The page of the writer of the apparently-cancelled New Micronauts comic (which looked a LOT better than the cartoon previewed above).

Space Advertisement Fighter (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.root.or.jp/kunio/index.html

Great site by a graphic designer with lots of cool Microman pics.

SOOS(Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://www1.sphere.ne.jp/nekotom/

NekoTom is one of the best anime and mech CG artists I've encoutered. Be sure to especially check his 3DCG-1 page to see lots of retro mecha and some Microman CG work. He also modelled the Rescue Daitan in CG for MicroGeneration.

StarGazers Base (Japanese) hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/star/hoshimiru/index.html

Hoshimiru (StarGazer) has a fantastic site here mixing Microman with Playmobil! Check out his Playmobil Version of M115 Conning Tower!

Starry Sky Museum (Japanese)

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/AnimeComic-Pen/7671/

Like many of the Microman anime bishounen fan pages listed here, Kouhi Ryou-san's is a slightly yaoi-themed fan site (generally homoerotic fan art and fanfics written mostly by female fans) with lots of nice artwork, and in this case a particular fondness for Walt and his voice actor Kentaro Itoh.

Star Wars Collectors Archive: Woman's Day Outer-Space Station hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.toysrgus.com/images-speci/womansday/index.html

What do Star Wars and Women's Day Magazine have to do with Micornauts? You'll be glad you asked! Check out Ron Salvatore's exciting blowout on what may very well be the ULTIMATE space toy playset!

Stay Gold Microman Page (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.ax.sakura.ne.jp/~ginka/M-INDEX.html

Miyabi-san runs this page which has lots of fan art contributions of Microman characters and other interesting tidbits. There is also an English page on it of sorts.

Studio Pierrot's Microman Anime Page (Japanese) hot!

Microman Anime URL: http://www.pierrot.co.jp/microman/

Final scene from Microman Anime This is the official page for the animated series of Microman! Lots of awesome character models and screenshots!

Takara (Japanese)

site updated 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.takaratoys.co.jp/

Microman 1999 After a 15 year interval, Microman toys had returned at the end of 1998 and a new toyline of the series ran for two years and was featured here on manufacturer's Takara's official site, in conjunction with Studio Pierrot's anime based on the series, which is still featured on their page below. Unfortunately Takara has taken down their offical Microman page on this site. Time will tell if another Microman series will ever come to take its place.

Takara Hobby (Japanese)

Main URL: http://freeart.part-one.co.jp/takara_hobby

Takara's online hobby shop, still sells some Henshin Cyborg and repro Microman goods. Orders are for Japan only, however.

TK's Web Server Microman Page (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.tk-web.com/microman/index.html
Site added 03/12/00
This is a brief Microman page with a few nice pics. Hopefully it will grow more in the future!

Tomato Heart (Japanese) hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Toys/7931/
MicroHeart: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Toys/7931/microhea.html

Tomato Heart has a large number of amazing customized Microman toys and kits, including a fantastic sculpting of Arden Purple in her human form from the anime series!

Shinobu Tsuneki's PageShinobu Tsuneki's page (Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://www2p.biglobe.ne.jp/~s-hf/index.htm

Desk Base! Microman design works:

Toy page:

The page of Shinobu Tsuneki, animator and mechanical designer on the new Microman anime series, not to mention a Microman toy fan!

Tom Vigneau's Microman Zone

Main URL: http://www.capecod.net/~tvigneau/

The oldest US site I know of on Microman toys, by the co-creator of the Micronauts 8mm stop-motion "Movie". Tom often has cool pics (like the Magnemo original version of Rhodium Orbiter), and the occasional toy auction. Some internal links don't work any longer.

Toy Station (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~toys.st/museum/index.htm

Victory Project pic Very cool Japanese site with Microman and Henshin Cyborg pics! See a neat stereoscopic Microman picture! Plus a Victory Project section...

Transforming Robot Propulsion Board (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www07.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/pf6/randy/index.htm

A page with some nice Microman anime-based artwork.

Victory Project Heretical (Japanese) hot!

site added: 06-01-00
Main URL: http://www4.famille.ne.jp/~makosan/

New very cool Japanese site featuring New Microman, Henshin Cyborg, and the original custom Microman repaint series "Genocide Force"!

WaruderKumi Project (Japanese) hot!

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.photohighway.co.jp/AlbumTop.asp?key=62081&un=19935&m=0

Twingo-san has some great original customs here including the "Microyears" and "Spy Ladies"! Lots of nice photos.

Welcome to Our Easy Multi Head Office! (Japanese)

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://members.tripod.co.jp/g_arms/
Mirror: http://www26.freeweb.ne.jp/play/g_arms/

Godama Shou-san's page has some cool pics of micros and micro event, including his own original design for a female micro-kit, "Microsan"!

Wizard's Lab (Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://club.pep.ne.jp/~wizard/

Rescue Nurse #2 Wataru Oki-san is another of the better sculptors to work on the MicroGeneration project. Be sure to explore the links on his F.M.G. page as well as his MicroGeneration page!

The World of 6 (Japanese)

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://satan2.hoops.livedoor.com/

Saturn-san's page has lots of pics of micros, custom part-swapped toys, event photos, and more!

WWIII Creationshot!
Site added 03/12/00
Main URL: http://www.theportal.to/WWIII/

Dark Assassin garage toy Ward Schultz and Willy Jones have paired up to make the best homegrown garage micro toys in America! Check them out!

Yakko's Microman Page

Main URL: http://members.xoom.com/Yakko2564/Microman/microman.html
Site added 03/12/00
Yakko has added this Microman page to his set of Transformer-related pages. Much of the information is unfortunately inaccurate, including identifying Izam as a female (though this is an understandable mistake) and numerous incorrect translations from Japanese and spelling errors, ruining much of its value it would otherwise have as a resource. He does earn points though for trying, and he does have some good scans and does provide some brief explanation regarding the connection between Microman and Transformers. Hopefully this site will improve in the future.

Yellow Base (Japanese) hot!

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Knight/9964/

Another cool Japanese site with some great customized figures!

Yodachin's Homepage (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~yodachin/

Girl Command Yodachin-san made the MicroGeneration "Girl Command" figure and has a nice toy site here as well!

Zaras's Toys and Games (Japanese) hot!

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://member.nifty.ne.jp/kogawa/index.htm

Zaras-san has an incredibly well-designed page here with a number of recipies for micros and other toys. However, don't click the "English" link--it only goes to a search engine site.

Zee Toys, Zylmex Metal Man Tribute Page hot!

site added: 06-01-00
Main URL: http://www.zylmex.com/

An interesting page looking at the mysterious Micronaut cousin toyline, "Metal Man." Were they licensed toys or a series of strange knock-offs? How did they get Microman Ga-keen as part of the series? No one seems to know!

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