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Micro Cover-Up

Rescue Base Seattle

Generation M

Nano City (Japanese)

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.hoops.ne.jp/~denebora/index.html

Mikoto Harada's Microman anime fan art is sincerely cute and stylish. Take a peek!

New Nob's Toy Club (Japanese)

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.hct.zaq.ne.jp/nobstoy/

Nob's page has some great pics of exclusives and a number of very unique and cool customs hiding in a link near the bottom of the Microman page!

New Micro Magazine X (Japanese)Main URL: http://members.tripod.co.jp/CafeAuLait/index.html

Edison on Q-board A Microman fan-made toy accessory magazine page with monthly regular updates. Check out the Q-Board!

NO!! Nobuchi's Homepage (Japanese)

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~nobuchi/no-00/no-00.html

This Japanese site sometimes has some interesting photos from events involving Microman toys.

Olive Verte et Olive Noire (Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://plaza29.mbn.or.jp/~noripu/

Site Added 03-23-00
Rescue Nurse "Noripu" Matsumoto (the wife of Micro World's Reiji Matsumoto) has her own site for her art and doll collection, and includes some spectacular MicroGeneration-based pictures she painted. Really good stuff!

Optune(Japanese) hot!

Shimamoto's Micro Girl Series: http://www.people.or.jp/~shimamoto/index.html/kaku-girl-micro.htm

MicroBunny Shimamoto has some incredible must-see custom female Microman figures on this page. Check them out!

Oriental Technology(Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://www.edit.ne.jp/~sashida/

Walroyear Emperor


I cannot say enough about this incredible site by Minoru Sashida. The "Microman Maniacs" section profiles all of the figures and some rare Microman items. The "Micro Generation" pages were a collaborative effort to create fan- designed toys and they feature their efforts at the semi-annual Wonderfest in Japan, selling T-shirts, highly limited edition fan-made toys, and CG artwork. There's also a small Henshin Cyborg page. Check out all his links, you won't be dissapointed by the vast amount of great pictures!

--Microman Maniax (great rare pics):

--Micro Generation (custom new Microman kits!):

--Micro Generation Phase 2 (newer designs):

--Micro Generation Phase 3 (more new designs):

--Micro Generation Phase 4 (even more recent designs, final phase):

--Oriental Technology's Wonder Festival 2000 official Microman garage toys:

--OreSlizer (Lego Technic/Throwbots and Microman crossover):

The Phariod Site

Main URL: http://www.speedsite.com/~bobp/PharoidSite.html hot!

Heliopolis Great Pyramid Bob Paluch's site has a number of interesting links including to his Pharoid Site which contains the 7th Micro Marvel of the World, Heliopolis.

The Phobos Dilemma hot!

link updated 6-2001
Main URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~phobosfriend/

Samuel Staley has an intriguing new site here that addresses once and for all the age-old question about Phobos: phriend or phoe?

Planet Micro hot!

Main URL: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Gulf/5285/

Mail call! Jeff Caraway's page has some awesome pics and other Micro info! The only place in the world you can see happy Micromen frolic in the snow or opague Time Travellers go carjacking!

M10x CarJack

Planet MicroEarth, Terrestrial Division (Japanese)

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://urawa.cool.ne.jp/gmh/plamic/

Hitoshi Saito, writer (and occasional illustrator) for the famous Microman fan circle "M.A.F.F." has a neat site here, with a lot of Micro fan-fiction and some illustrations (both his own and some samples of Enari-san's kick ass cover artwork). Check out "Micro-Hopes", which has some neat pics of some micro-youngsters!

Pon2 District (Japanese) hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www27.freeweb.ne.jp/play/pon2q/

Pon2 has some amazingly creative customs here and other cool stuff. Just look around and you'll see what I mean!

The Pre-Transformers Pagehot!

Main URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/~frx/


Jeroen Zuiderwijk has a cool site that covers the toys that would later become picked up by Hasbro to become the Transformers, including Microman and Diaclone, and features a mirror of the Rocket Tubes feature page, The Transformer Micro Cover Up (originally featured as a part of Rescue Base Seattle).

Psyco Style's (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~aj23/

An interesting toy collection page with some cool original Microman designs on the "Psyco Toy's" page.

REF Rifts Earth Division

Main URL: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/1057/

Mike Richardson has compiled here info for his Robotech/Rifts RPG campaign, including stats for Micronaut characters such as Baron Karza and Force Commander.

Rob Merrit's Micronauts Page

Main URL: http://micronauts.homestead.com

Site Added 03-23-00
Lego M.E.L. M115 Rob Merrit has an interesting page here with pics of his collection and even some Lego facsimilies of Micronauts he has built.

Robot Maker (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www03.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/jc4/takenami/robot-maker.html

Awesome original Yuusha (Brave) Robot page with lots of incredible robot CG artwork. Also modelled in CG Shimamoto's Micro Maid for MicroGeneration.

Robot Station (Japanese)

Main URL: http://homepage1.nifty.com/WATER-LEAFE/
Site added 03/12/00
This is a nifty new Japanese page with an original Giant Acroyear 2 recipie and a long haired Lady Command (using the head from a Sailor Venus figure), and hopefully more soon!


Micronauts URL:http://www.robozone.com/micron.htm

Microman URL: http://www.robozone.com/microm.htm

A robot toy shop with pages for Micronauts and Microman toys on sale. Prices range from average to high.

Ruria 046's Microman Art Page (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.alles.or.jp/~rulia046/

Click on "art" and then the second-to last link on the next page to see some nice original Microman art!

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