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Magnetic Communication (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www2.neweb.ne.jp/wd/magcomi/

"Mag-Comi" is beginning to strive to be the Japanese counterpart of the Rocket Tubes, focusing on Japanese Microman sites, sorted into varous categories. So far most of the sites listed are related to the newer series with a couple of exceptions.

Megalith (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Toys/4779/

Megalith is a nice Micoman anime and manga art site with a large selection of images and even some photos.

MicroEdge (Japanese) hot!

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://page.freett.com/gigatrance/

Giga-Trance-san has a great stylish site here that features a number of customs (particularly some Norse-themed ones) and toy mixing!

Microforever.com hot!

Main URL: http://www.microforever.com

Paul Lorphanpaibul has unquestionably the greatest US site on Microman here, with a blowout on the newest toys, exclusives, Romando remakes, translated info, and many profiles on the older toys too. A must-see site and fabulous resource! Beautiful, in depth photos.

Micro Gate (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~nakadai/index.html

Kurou Sanada's page has some nice anime art and photos!

Microman 4U (Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://deadlydrive.com/microman4u/

Rescue Daitan and Rescue Nurse #1 AMAZING site of one of MicroGeneration's best sculptors. Lots of replica work done of prototype toys, lots of pics, lots of stuff on his work for MicroGeneration and his new original series "Micro Classics". Explore this sight thoroughly if you love Microman!

Micro Earth (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.venus.dti.ne.jp/~babi/micro.html

Babi's Micro Earth page has plenty of nice pictures of Microman figures.

Microman Hideout (Japanese)

Main URL: http://plaza14.mbn.or.jp/~guns/

Microman Hideout is an interesting Japanese site (click all the links for some cool pics of the site owner's private collection!) about Microman! Check it out! There's even a bbs/gallery where guests can share pics of their Micromen!

MicromaniaMicromania(Japanese) hot!

Micromania: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/1615/

Arden Purple-chan for Ardenmania Azagi Hanada and Maneki Neko have a really fun site here with lots of fan art to look at if you explore enough, including female versions of all the Microman anime characters and the Arden Purple fan-page, Ardenmania.

Micromania hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.dreamwater.net/biz/micromania/

Ruben Torres is well known by collectors as both having one of the most complete Microman and Micronauts collections in the USA, as well as perhaps being among the most modest and friendliest fans of the series. Ruben's website reflects his character and, while still growing, is both fun and insightful. Be sure not to miss "Micro War"!!

Microman Megaplexhot!

Main URL: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Courtyard/5523/index.html

Rik Ruff's fast growing site is a great resource on the new Microman series and the new reproductions! Fantastic photos, plus lots of other hidden gems, too!

Microman Pandako (Japanese) hot!

site added 6-2001
Main URL: http://members.aol.com/micromanpandako/index.htm

Perhaps one of the more eccentric concepts for a site, MIcroman Pandako is dedicated to busty female and PANDA Microman customs! This site is definitely worth exploring and also features great pics from various Microman events in Japan.

Rescue Base Seattle

updated site info 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.com/~microbry
NEW! Rescue Base Seattle Annex Page: http://members.nbci.com/rbs2.html

RBS SOS! Microman Rescue Base Seattle's owner, Bryan "MicroBry" Wilkisnon, maintains this very site you are reading. Various photos of Micronauts and Microman toys, as well as some original art.

Microman Secret Base Sunto Regional Branch (Japanese) hot!

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.cup.com/rock54/microman/

Rock54's page has some fabulous pics from the Summer 2000 Wonder Festival along with several other surprises!

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