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Generation M

GewGaw (Japanese) Hot!

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Courtyard/2828/

MichuSA's page has some really cool recipies for the new Microman toys and mixes with other toylines! Also check out the link to the ultra-cute "Transmaidens" page!

Good-Bye Arden (Japanese) Hot!

Main URL: http://osaka.cool.ne.jp/furuta7/arden/arden_1.html

Microtchi animated icon This is a great site with lots of CG artwork and some other Micro goodies like animated home page icons of the Microtchi from the Microman anime series like this little guy!

Grass Hut Corp.

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.grasshutcorp.com/

Home page of Micronauts-inspired artist Bwana Spoons, publisher of the great fanzine, My Friend the Micronaut! Lots of great artwork.

Ground Zero (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www2.plala.or.jp/zeek/link.html

site added 4-23-00
Star Rastar Zeek-san, who sculpted the Robo*Man kit for Micro Generation and other cool kits, has a new page here where you can find some pics of his more recent work.

Hanagan (Japanese) Hot!

info added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~hanagan/

This site has some great original kits as well as some nice Microman pics, crossovers, and more!

Handmade Hell (Japanese) Hot!

site added: 6-2001
Kanetaka's Microman Page: http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~KANETAKA/microman.htm

Kanetaka-san has some interesting original Microman pics here, and lately some fantastic custom designs as well, including the famous "Chibi(Mini)-Royear" and "Magne Troopers"!

Hello MicroHot!
Added 03/12/00
Main URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~albertise/

Geag stomps evil's behind

Rocket Tubes Portal of the Month April 2000!

Albert Calleros has a really great site here with a lot of useful resources and original artwork! Very cool!

Iiduka's Microman and Henshin Cyborg Page (Japanese)

Microman/Henshin Cyborg Page: http://www1.interq.or.jp/~iiduka/takara.html

Iiduka-san is an animator who has some cool original, professional style Microman art, some interesting pictures, and a few tips on how to improve the joints on the new figures.

Inner Space Online

Main URL: http://www.innerspaceonline.com/

Site Added 03-23-00
Inner Space Online is Dave Waugh's promising new site about Micronauts. Still in its early stages, it already looks extremely promising with lots of pics of Dave's personal collection and more.

Jeffrey's Sub-Atomic Microverse Hot!

updated link 6-2001
Main URL: http://jmtp.topcities.com/

Angel Travellers Jeffrey Gaier has a cool page here with lots of restoration and repair tips as well as an original set of toy figures called the Angel Travellers and other customs.


Main URL: http://www.jlist.com

Peter Payne runs a great site here of...er...adult Japanese stuff mostly. What was I checking this site for again...? Oh wait! He does sell some of the new Microman toys, too, sometimes! Must be over 18 to enter.

Jommy Works (Japanese)

added site 6-2001
Main URL: http://plaza24.mbn.or.jp/~majunia/index.html

Another site with some really nice Microman anime bishounen art.

Kaikodo (Japanese)

updated link and info 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.kaikodo.net/

Kaikodo is a Japanese shop which sometimes has some really good deals on hard-to-get Microman toys. They have English ordering intsructions and will take English orders! Now they also have a large personal collection of Microman toys on the site as well!

Kaiser's Like a Rolling Stone (Japanese)

Home of Kaiser's Microman Complement Project:

A new Japanese page, with lots of links to nice pics from an all-text index page that might frighten off English-only readers. Don't be frightened. Click on the links and see what you get... Check out the Microman HQ paintings in his amazing scans of the Microman Playbook!

Ken Kelly Micronaut Paintings Page hot!

Main URL: http://www.aloha.com/~randr/text/order.htm

Ken Kelly original of Centaurus Card Art Rumel Tomiampos owns almost all of the original Ken Kelly paintings commissioned by Mego for the Alien Micronaut figures and vehicles, and he has beautiful scans of them here! Very striking compared to the final box and card art!


Main URL: http://www.kicks-hobby.com/

Kicks Hobby Japan is a Seattle shop that is a great source for import toys, including now Microman. Good prices, friendly staff.

Kimono My House

link updated: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.kimonomyhousetoys.com

Generally overpriced, but an occasional good deal can pop up here on Microman toys.

Kirin-g Field (Japanese) hot!

updated site info 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Technopolis/7702/index.html

W-G-san has some great customs of Micros on his page if you check his custom page! He also started the MicroCon 2001 event and has some great pics from the event!

KuruKuruLand (Japanese)

link updated: 6-2001
Main URL: http://plaza.harmonix.ne.jp/~a-isi/

This Japanese site has some interesting and amusing pics of Microman and other toys from Japan.

Little Planet (Japanese)

site added: 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.hi-net.zaq.ne.jp/buaue006/

A nice site of Microman anime bishounen fan art.

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