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Generation M

20th Century Intelligence Agent (Japanese) Hot!

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://homepage2.nifty.com/20cia/

Original shirt designs, fanxine, and more for Micorman and Henshin Cyborg fans. Incredibly cool design!

Acroyear's Annex (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.interq.or.jp/pig/pandako/

This is really an extension of Pandako's site dedicated to Acroyears and particularly an original custom-designed female one.

Adult Children and Small Giants (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.tam.ne.jp/topaz/micro/micro-top.html

A Microman fan page with a rather odd perspective...features many photo-adventures (and stories) of the new Microman team interacting with various other toys and dolls, and some art as well.

Agedama (Japanese) Hot!

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp/yoshda/
Microman "Another Dimension" page: http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp/yoshda/mic_top.htm

This Japanese page has some cool and stylish customized female Microman figures.


Usenet Newsgroup: alt.toys.micronauts (use your news server of choice)

Newsgroup added 03-23-00
This is the first newsgroup on usenet to be solely for Micronaut-related subject material, including the comics, Microman, etc. It's rather new and looking for lots more folks to come check it out and post. Why don't you join in too? If anyone knows how to link to a newsgroup directly from this page, please let us know.

Amoki's Art Files (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Milano-Aoyama/9934/

This Japanese page sometimes features some nice Microman artwork.

Arden's Net (Japanese)

URL updated 6-2001
Main URL: http://arden.to/

Microman Page:
Henshin Cyborg Page:

Gaku "Arden" Suzuki, has a nice site here, with a few pics and a midi file of the Microman theme song! The bbs is very cool if you know some Japanese, though Gaku knows some English, too. He also has a Henshin Cyborg site.

ArtPro Toys (Japanese)

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www1.odn.ne.jp/~cae64350/toys/

H. Kuroiwa's online collection features some cool pics.

AstroStation 1

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://astrostation.topcities.com/index.htm

This growing Micronauts fan site features some nice pictures as well as offering forums and an email service.

Atelier Dolphin

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~kasumi.s/index.htm

Seoyama Kasumi's art page features a good amount of Microman Anime bishounen art.

Atelier Sublocker (Japanese) Hot!

site added 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Knight/2305/

Sublocker's art page has some must-see artwork based on the original series.

Aurkumbell Studio (Japanese)

Updated 06-2001
Main URL: http://www.d3.dion.ne.jp/~suzukixx/

"SuzukiXX" has an interesting site here with some worthwhile Microman images and gaming info. Now enhanced with some English text, the site is more navigatable to non-Japanese readers.

Badd Ass Toys (Japanese)

url updated 06-2001

Main URL: http://home4.highway.ne.jp/badd_ass/tt_index.htm

Badd Ass has a few Microman pics on this page, and some related material in Japanese.


Blueprints for Build Base Michigan

site added 4-23-00

Main URL: http://madbob2000.tripod.com/BLUEPRINTS%20FOR.htm

Bob Adams demonstrates here how he made his display cabinet for his Microman toys on this new site. 

Bug Eyed Monster hot!

site added 4-26-00
Main URL: http://www.bugeyedmonster.com

New retro toy site that features Micronauts as well as Zoids, Metal Man and others. Very cool!

Build Base Tokyo(Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://microman.org

MiniRobotman Tank! Takashi Matsuoka's Build Base Tokyo is not to be ignored by the English-reading only user! A great resource of Microman pictures from different parts of the series, easily navigatable thanks to English labeled links and icons. It also contains a new, small Henshin Cyborg page called "Katagai Cyborg Laboratory". Also only known fan to own an original '70's Antonio mail away Microman Command 1 figure! (though he only has the capsule, now).

Canned Microman (Japanese)

Main URL: http://homepage1.nifty.com/mitomito/index.htm

Izam and friend Mito-san has lots of...er, unusual Microman toy pictures and animated gifs on her rather feminine page. Share that warm feeling of Micro-love...

Carrot Inc. "My-roman" Custom Project (Japanese)

Main URL: http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~k-jima/myroman.html

This page has some rather unique custom Arthur figures.

Cheaptoy Foundation (Japanese) hot!

Main URL: http://homepage1.nifty.com/shinkichi/

Joint Robo vehicle Not Microman, but a great site featuring a very inexpensive series of toys that fan from the mid-70's through the early 90's with som similarities in design. Click on the links on the left side of the site to see the various toys this forum has brought to light.

Cherry Toybox's Microman Page (Japanese)

Microman Page: http://homepage1.nifty.com/cherry-toybox/syumi-box/micro-box/MICRO-BOX.htm

There's some interesting Microman toy pics to be found here.

Chug Chug Ummakon (Japanese)

page added 6-2001
Main URL: http://home9.highway.ne.jp/UMA/

This art page has a few nice Microman pics including an Iczer-1 Microman design!

Cloud City Zero Zero (Japanese)

page added 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.cc.rim.or.jp/~ttk/index.html

This Japanese site has some subtle but clever uses of customized articulation added to some ot the replica figures.

Cool Japanese Toys:

Main URL: http://www.cooljapanesetoys.com/

Japanese toy mega-collector Tom Franck runs this great site with lots of great articles, news, and a large marketplace to hunt for that hard-to-find toy you'll pay anything for! Mostly other Japanese toys, but you can find a good number of Micronauts, Microman, and other related toys here.

Comic Book Continuum: Article on the New Micronauts

Main URL: http://www.detnews.com/metro/hobbies/comix/opinions/micronauts/index.htm

ugly Rann This is a blow-out article from April 1998 that discloses early production plot info on the (now possibly canceled) upcoming new Micronaut animated series. Includes rough pictures of the redesigned characters. Rumor has it that this early concept for the series was scrapped.

Compass Magnetic Directional Needle (Japanese)

link updated 6-2001

This Japanese fansite has lots of interesting fan art and info in Japanese.

Crystal A Tone (Japanese)

Another Japanese fansite with some amusing illustrations of Microman anime characters.

Dark Toys Kingdom (Japanese)

site added 6-2001

This toy page has some mixing of other toylines with Microman and other series.

Dave's Robot Base

site replaced and updated 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.robotbase.net

Dave Barry has a great, if unusual, pair of sites here under the same banner..one is a Japanaese adult bookstore (why do I keep running into these...?), and the other is a great page on Microman, Diaclone, Transformers, Machine Robo, and others! Both sites have some great gallerys with some really sexy photos. Er, I meant...uh...never mind.

Diaclone Net(Japanese) Hot!

Main URL: http://diaclone.net

Robot Fortress X Not Microman, but Diaclone (almost named "Inchman") evolved from it and it shows! This is the OTHER Takara toyline that became the Transformers besides its parent series Microman. Cool Diaclone pics and art...a lot of beautiful pics by the site owner himself, Taguchida.

The Diaclone Ring

site added 6-2001

Webring for fans of the Diaclone series (see above). Some sites also feature Microman!

Doctor Kent's Page

site added 6-2001

Self-proclaimed once as "the worst homepage ever," this modest fan's page isn't nearly so bad, and seems to be coming along gradually.

FantAsia Toyz Hot!

updated link 6-2001
Main URL: http://www.fantasiatoyz.com/

Micro-fan Felix Lu's site sells imported Microman, other classic Japanese toys and more at some of the best prices available! Highly reccomended.

Forgotten Toys

Main URL: http://www.forgottentoys.co.uk/

Forgotten Toys is a British toy shop that includes some Micronauts toys in its stock.

Free Garden: My Micro World (Japanese) Hot!

site added 6-2001

This page has some great original concept drawings and a few customs, too!

Fumi's Wide Toy Park (English/Japanese) Hot!

Rocket Tubes Portal of the Month June 2001!

site added 6-2001

An incredible bilingual page! Fumi-san seems to be a true genius at customizing micro toys, both old and new series alike, and also does a lot of mixing with other toylines, fan fiction, and more! One of the best new pages to come along in 2000. I can't say enough how awesome this site is!

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