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The Transformer
Micro Cover-Up

Rescue Base Seattle

Generation M
 Central Terminal
Tube 1  (Aa-Fz)     Tube 2  (Ga-Lz)     Tube 3  (Ma-Micromz)
Tube 4  (Microna-Mz)   Tube 5  (Na-Rz)    Tube 6  (Sa-Zz)

In our ongoing struggle with the Acroyears, we need to combine our resources.
  Our Microman and Micronaut agents have sent out Spectral MX broadcasts
to locate other potential allied bases around the globe.
Here we have assembled a transit system to transport you to other Micro-installations.
  Please let us know if our agents have accidentally missed any essential stops.
Maintained by Bryan "Micro-Bry" Wilkinson
and the
 MCIA, RBS Division.

 Last updated June 2001
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