Rescue Base Seattle Annex: MicroPanzer Grey Wolf

Here is the Micronaut Panzertank "Grey Wolf" next to the somewhat similar Microman "Black Tiger" Tank.

You really have to admire the sleek lines of this toy, actually a rerelease from Hasbro of the early 80's GI Joe Cobra H.I.S.S. tank (the rubber missile heads are added by me). It cost all of a whopping $10!

Since the decals come unapplied, you can easily leave off any "Cobra" insignia, of course, as I did.

The cockpit is wonderfully Micro-like and to scale with Micro figures! The canopy gives it an almost Surveyor-like quality.

The turret can be swivelled 360 degrees, The rear has a hook for a trailer attachment (not included) and pegs on the step which I might modify later to 5mm size.

Close-up of the turret. The twin barrels can be raised and lowered as well as rotate. The floor of the turret turns with it, so the figure faces the target at all times.

A lower angle shot to show the tank's imposing profile. I highly reccomend this toy to any crossover toy fans. It's also a lot like a mini-Terraphant.

The actual appearance of the cannons without the Mego missile heads on them.

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