Rescue Base Seattle Annex: ExoSquad ExoFighter and Walker

This grasshopper-ish Exo-Fighter is very nice and Micro-like, and fits both old and new figures fairly well (though the newer ones like Izam here tend to fit more comfortably). It's a very nice toy loaded with many features and one I'd recommend for augmenting your Micro-forces with. Later I'll do another feature on the other, Mobile Armor-like Neosapien Exo-Fighter. Thanks to Michael Jaecks for picking this up for me!

Close up of the cockpit. Notice the target display on the canopy.

The awesome, Robotman-esque Exo-Squad walker. It's walking mechanism is almost identical to Robotman's, and the cockpit's canopy shares some resemblances as well! I should also note that the radar antenna is mounted in a 5mm rotating port!

As you can see, it sits two original Microman figures snugly but not too uncomfortably. Also works great with the new 8cm guys, which were originally based on the Exosquad figures' internal design.

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