Retro Base
Early pics of the RetroBase designed by Bob Adams.  Better pics to follow later. :) Additional parts are mostly from the Interchangables version of Astrostation and a Playmobil set.
Azone prepares to catapult Angel Traveller Caryn!
Punch Jesse!
Rescue 3-4-5
Here is the Surveyor-like Rescue Machine 3-4-5 in combined mode accompanied by 275 Richard riding the Search Machine (both included in the set). Note the little Rescue Machine 5 "Bird Heli" simply rests on the has no connectors of any kind. The Helicopter lacks any interchangability and just seems to be a ServoMachine-style toy added as a bonus.  I also haven't copied the decals yet so I will take new pics after they have been applied.
Rescue Machine 3: Bird Jet can seat two figures.  The large red fins are triggers to launch two small red missiles in each engine pod.  The landing gear is retractable and each pod has about 5 or 6 5mm ports.
Rescue Machine 4 "Bird Base" has three modes actually, one I did not photograph, which is its vehicular mode...simply the same mode as 3-4-5 combined minus the jet and heli.  Above is it in its open, horizontal position.  The Search Machine can be lauched from the "Rescue Dash" catapult. Unfortunately the Search Machine is just barely too wide to fit inside RM4 in is mobile form.  However, the Heli fits inside just fine, and it also makes a great personnel carrier. The pair of chairs visible here come with the set as well.
Here is RM 4 in its vertical configuration.  RM 5 Bird Heli is resting on a minature Heliport.  The Search Machine can be changed into a seat and attached to a multi-jointed "joint arm" that is not very visible in this pic but is holding it up.
Dan Dash AutoBuggy Custom
Here is Dan Dash wearing his motorcycle duds (a jacket borrowed from Han Solo) and riding his custom painted Ultronic Scooter/Auto Buggy.
"These are not the 'borgs you are looking for..."  This is simply a Episode One speeder with some added Microman decal replicas.
Battle Cruiser Mecha!
Simply a modded GI Joe Star Brigade mecha....
Rescue Centaur & M10Ex Jeffery
This is one of the three Micronaut-like Aliens from the GI Joe Star Brigade series, "Carcass".  His chest is clear so you can see his insides, like a Henshin Cyborg toy. I added a pulsing light inside him to make his heart throb.
Chrome Customs
Galactic Defender!
Hyper Microman!

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