Rescue Base Seattle: Cosmo-Man Research Lab

Cherry-red Cosmo-Man (US), tangerine Cosmo-Man (Canada?), orange Mego Time Traveller (US), and Microman m104 John (Japan).
Note the distinctly differing shades.

Cherry-red Cosmo-Man, forest dark green Cosmo-Man (color is slightly off in picture), and orange Time Traveller rear views.
Note that the shoulder joints are clear. Also you can see that the copyright info is not on the Cosmo-Man figures.

Tangerine Cosmo-Man next to m104 John rear view.
Note that like the barefoot figure, this (probably second series Canadian) Cosmo-Man has color-matched shoulder joints, not clear ones! Why the difference in manufacture from other US-released figures? Can anyone confirm this is unique to the Canadian, second Interchangables series (the silver vehicles one)?

Detail of the three Cosmo-Man figures I have. Notice that the wrist cuffs are on BACKWARDS on tangerine. Is this common? Unique to Canadian figures? Just a glitch? Also the breastplate is silver, a color unique to Cosmo-Man figures not found in Microman or Micronauts. I don't know if the siver color was only in the second Canadia line or if it was in the first US line as well. Can anyone answer these questions for me?

Direct comparison of shoulder joints between the tangerine Cosmo-Man and the orange Time Traveller.

Another unique feature to all Cosmo-Man toys is the rubber band inside the figure (the "O-ring") is tan, not black like in all other figures, as you can see here by looking carefully at the torsos of these three Cosmo-Man figures and the Mego Micronauts figure on the far right for contrast. The other detail unique to Interchangables Cosmo-Man toys is their feet both have "Hong Kong" stamped on them (while the back and butt have no manufacture info on them, unlike Takara's and Mego's figures).

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