Micro Trailer "Cross Convoy" and "Bird Base"

Cross Convoy

Cross Convoy . Bird Base

Bird Base

If you lift the main cannon straight up on the trailer of the "Secret Transfer Fortress Micro Trailer", it makes an excellent gantry for transporting one of the magnerobo Robtomen. The cab is being driven by Mr. Grey. Also if you outfit Hurricane Bird with a pair of claws from the magnerobo sets, it roosts nicely in the back of the trailer and looks good with the matching clear green parts.

Note that Takara named Micro Trailer's classification ("Himitsu Idou Kichi") after the original Microman name for Battle Cruiser! Personally, while I like all its 5mm ports, I wish it had been made more Micro compatible and interchangable. It would be great if you could remove the cannon and put a Surveyor platform into it or such. I've been experimenting with it by taking it apart and matching other micro toy parts to it, but with no real inspiring results yet. Perhaps I'll scratch build something for it later.

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