Cobroid, the Unreleased Alien

original patent for cobra-based alien figure

This is the original patent drawing for a never-produced seventh Micronaut alien figure, which I've dubbed "Cobroid". This was designed by Stephen Lee, designer of the other aliens, with Cal R&D, the firm that licensed the Microman line to Takara.

Cobroid posed

While it looks stiff in the patent drawing, I did a CG rendering of it straight from the drawing by porting it into Lightwave and modeling it directly from the image. The result is actually very cool, I think. What isn't obvious from the drawing is that the toy could be reconfigured into a snake mode like below. I hope that at a later date, a Micro Generation-type kit could be made of this unproduced toy!

Cobroid in snake mode

Cobroid in snake mode rear view

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