Rescue Base Seattle Annex: Starriors Cobra Base

Full shot of the really-cool Tomy mid-1980's Starriors Cobra Base (sorry, I forgot its full name). Somebody really should do a detailed page on these toys, which make great crossovers between Zoids and Microman, with all the 2mm and 5mm pegs and holes. This one is not complete and is really messy inside otherwise I'd profile that as well. It also looks a lot like a snail...

This little scorpion vehicle also can sit on top of the "coil" portion of the base to form the "tip of the tail" of the Cobra form. The one thing stupid about the Starriors story is that the little Zoid pilot figures are NOT pilots, and the mecha are autonomous like Transformers. This is probably the one major thing that could have been improved about the series...what was it about US merchandising of Japanese robots as sentient characters back then? What a throwback, IMHO. Did Hasbro, Tomy and others really think US kids were unable to buy into the idea of piloted mecha? What's up with that?!

The 2mm pegs are supposed to be hard points to mount Zoids-type weapons and turrets on, but they also fit the holes in these color-swapped Microman LED Powers feet quite snugly!

Including this one on the head (which can open and close its jaw, which has a cannon inside). It would also make a cool base for Micronaut Aliens or Acroyears...!

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