Microman Police Keeper Tank
"Climb Panzer!"

Climb Panzer

The rare prototype of Takara's never-produced "Climb Panzer" from the Police Keeper series of the line.

CP rear view

A rear view of the Climb Panzer prototype.
I paid nearly $500 for this unique prototype on Yahoo Auctions Japan!

CP cockpit

A close up shot of the cockpit...

CP armed

And a shot of it with some Battle Cruiser arms added to it. It's really an amazing piece. Especially since it's entirely fictional. Yep, that's right. There is no such Takara prototype.

It's FAKE!

This is REALLY a converted tank from Kenner's Empire Strikes Back toyline....

CP 5mm ports

Okay, I was just so happy with my customization, I thought I'd try and mess with some heads for a second. Anyway, the three 5mm ports (one on each side and on on the back) are actually trimmed off of some junk Micronauts "tron" parts. The rest of the "Micro" look was just done with model paints and photocopied decals.

Microman Space Command Fighter FP-368

Command Fighter

Okay, this one is not a custom job. This is actually a Fisher-Price Adventure People space toy released around '79 or '80. This is the same series of toys that had a number of similarities to Micronauts, including "Invisible Man and Woman" clear blue cyborg figures and 5mm parts.

Command Fighter rear

It's a fairly sizable toy compared with Microman vehicles in general, and you assemble it yourself like some of the first micro toys, using a screwdriver included with the set. The astronaut figure that came with it was not bad-looking but this one's was too damaged to salvage and I could not locate the 5mm pegged hose you can attach him to it with to do space walks.

Command Fighter

Here you can see all three of its 5mm ports in action. Two are on the sides and one is underneath the core ship.

Command Fighter

And here is a last pic, showing how the core unit can pivot in the center. There was a black bad guy space ship in this series if I recall that looked pretty good and the Space Shuttle set was pretty classy too (I just missed getting one from a local thrift store for 20 bucks. RATS!). Obviously these toys are worth hunting down for Micro collectors, as they are clearly inspired by the Microman series.

Repto and gang

If you were wondering about the pilot, he's a hybrid of a blue Pharoid, a Rescue figure, and has a Romando Spy Magician head if I recall. I don't have a number designation for him yet but his name is Paul. Here he is siccing his pet Starriors robot "Nipper" on a Repto General. The Repto's shoulders are from a Xyber 9 figure that came with one of the vehicles I coopted for my Micromen.

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