Rescue Base Seattle Annex: Series 3 Aliens!

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Carcass! (Membros?)

This GI Joe Star Brigade Alien shows inflence from both Micronaut aliens an Henshin Cyborg toys!

A detail of Carcass' head and upper body. His innards are visible through a clear front torso piece, much like a Waruder alien, or the exposed brains of a Micronauts alien.

Detail of his crustacean-like feet, evocative of Lobros especially.

Anterior view of Carcass showing his tough outer shell as well as contrasting the inner and outer textures of his flexible, leech-like arms (more reminiscent of Membros).

Another rear angle, showing also the outer wrinkled surface of the arm (as opposed to its ribbed inner side).

A last, closer look at his exposed innards with one of his rib-like appendages pulled out of the way for an unobstructed view.

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