Sayonara, Akira-kun

A final set of photos of Akira Katagai's stay in Seattle before his new mission.

Akira Katagai

Akira-kun gets ready to fly off to meet his new friend, Ruben Torres.

Power Dome, Open!

"Power Dome, open!"

Power Dome, Open!

Robotman's canopy swings open, ready to levitate Akira-kun into the cockpit!

Cockpit of Robotman

The canopy seals shut around Akira-kun!

Hashin! Robotman!

"Hashin, Robotman!" ("Launch, Robotman!")


Robotman launches from the patio of Rescue Base Seattle!

Robotman circles around

Robotman circles to gain altitude...

Sora he!

And flies up into the sky! Sora he!


D'oh! Akira-kun forgot! THIS Robotman is actually Biotron and is staying with Rescue Base Seattle.

Akira and accessories

Actually, he forgot to pack his belongings, too.

Akira Capsule

Akira is now snug in his capsule ready to be delivered via mail to Ruben's Secret Base. What adventures await him next? I'm not sure, but I'm going to play my Neo Geo Pocket now. ^_^;

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