Acroyear Axe


Don Chrisholm (hope I got your last name right, Don!) created this evil-looking battle axe for his Acroyear, since it was missing its sword. My Acroyear's claws are broken, so I can't have him wield it until I get new parts for him, but the Acroyear Kaiser was more then happy to "borrow" this weapon in the meantime.

Chrepto with acroaxe

It also makes a superb accessory for an Alien, such as my custom Chrepto here, whose saw was in bad shape and in need of a cool replacement.

close up of the acroaxe

Notice the tiny skull ornament at the top, which Don appropriated from a Warhammer set, I believe. This AcroAxe will probably later be one of the first features on Generation M!

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